Hot Water Set

Hipex has developed an innovative and unique means of heating and circulating hot water.  Utilising a specially corrugated tube bundle, water is heated using steam.  The design is such that the need for a seperate steam trap has been eliminated, and all condensate is returned to the water loop.

The hot water set features the following:
  • Vertical orientation that allows better use of space
  • Low noise level throughout the entire operating range
  • An integrated expansion tank
  • Continuous condensate make-up
  • Unique condensate return system, eliminating the need for seperate steam traps
  • A standard operating flow range 2,000-60,000 l/h
  • A standard operating temperature 20-150oC
  • Full stainless steel wetted construction
  • Minimised maintenance due to there being few gaskets and valves used