About us

The Advantages of Innovation

Finding new ways to handle a new process or improve an existing one is an important activity for any successful company trying to improve its competitive edge.  Innovation ensures that companies deliver high value-added products and service, and new, cleaner, more efficient production processes.


Surprisingly over 80 percent of all major new developments occur within small companies.  They must innovate to survive and their flexibility and faster decision making provides the fertile soil for new ideas to grow.

This is the situation at Hipex.  Its skilled, inventive and experienced staff is committed to product development that will keep Hipex and its customers ahead of the competition at all times.

How does Hipex stand apart from its competitors?
  • Innovative and flexible approach to design and manufacturing
  • Superior product quality and consistency
  • Substantially developed and unique production methods
  • A sophisticated R&D center
  • Advanced customer product testing facilities

On this website are examples of the heat exchangers and diverse range of products and systems that Hipex has designed and manufactured for industry.  Also shown is information on the exclusive R&D facility.  The R&D center houses plants and equipment for resting products prior to dispatch and provides the facilities for customers to trial new product ideas.

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