Why Choose Corrugated Tube?

Just like one outfit is not suitable for all occasions, neither is one tube form suitable for all applications.  Through careful design, testing, access to manufacture and (most importantly) years of experience, Hipex have at their disposal a number of styles of corrugated tube to optimise heating and cooling applications for a wide range of products.

Selecting the correct style of corrugation is important as it can ultimately affect the size (and cost) of a heat exchanger and related items.  With the ability to form many styles of differing corrugations in-house and to suit specific requirements, Hipex are ready to maximise the design of all of their heat exchangers.


Why choose corrugated tube?

  • Corrugations increase turbulence which in turn increases the heat transfer when compared with smooth tubes
  • Increase in turbulence means the tube can resist the effects of fouling, reducing the frequency of cleaning
  • Increase in heat transfer means that the heat exchanger can be smaller (less surface area required)
  • With less surface area required, heat exchangers can be shorter, resulting in a reduction in pressure drop, pumping costs and material cost
  • Smaller units mean less weight and also product hold-up volume
  • This reduction in size means a more economic solution

Corrugation vs other tube forms

Hipex have conducted tests on samples of commonly used tube forms.  The most common Hipex corrugation achieved up to 1.7 times the heat transfer coefficient of the equivalent smooth tube, and 1.4 times more than dimpled tube.  This increase in heat transfer coefficient did not translate to the same increase in pressure loss.  The table across shows the results of these tests.

Unlike dimpled tubes corrugations do not obstruct the flow area of the tube.  This makes corrugations a good choice for fluids with high solids or fibre content as blockages will not be an issue.  




As part of an on-going R&D program, Hipex have developed a new tube form which features a unique corrugation.  This new tube style is suited to applications where there is a low flow rate and the problems associated with low velocity raise their head. 

Products with a low heat transfer coefficient can also be processed more effectively with our new corrugation.

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