Heat Recovery

One of the most commonly asked questions right now is about efficiency.   This makes sense as energy costs rise and our environmental awareness increases.  Hipex have a number of options available which can help to reduce the overall energy consumption of a process itself, or provide useful heat for other purposes.

In a pasteuriser, the level of heat recovery depends on the product.  With varying the design of the heat exchanger Hipex selects, we have been able to achieve up to 93% efficiency with thin liquids such as water or milk.  Regeneration is not limited to thin liquids – we can attain up to 50% with more viscous liquids such as banana puree, or even up to 85% with thick fruit purees.  This ability to re-use heat reduces energy consumption significantly.

You are likely to have sources of waste heat in your building whether it is an office or a factory.  There comes a point where it may be cost-effective to recover energy from these sources.  Potential sources of waste heat which could be re-used could include:

The unit shown above contains tube-in-tube type heat exchangers for removing tallow in an effluent stream.  The heating section utilises heat from the returning liquid stream.

  • boiler blowdown
  • high temperature exhaust gas streams
  • hot liquid effluents


Processing pulpy orange juice with up to 90% pulp is a challenge, but this system employing a combination of the Hipex Mixchanger and Strippable Double Tube can achieve up to 85% efficiency in heating.  This results in large energy savings.
 The above system processes banana puree using the Hipex Strippable Triple Tube to heat the incoming product stream with the cooling hot product stream.  The Mixchanger is used for further chilling the viscous product.

This large-scale industrial exhaust gas heat recovery unit was designed and manufactured in-house at Hipex by our skilled personnel. The large Polytube unit was manufactured out of stainless steel, and had mild-steel end caps to meet customers requirements.  This large pressure-vessel was designed according to AS1210 and included design registration with the relevant authorities.  Exhaust gas in excess of 450 deg C was used to heat pure (RO) water for another heat exchanger to heat process water.


Hipex have many different options available for your heat recovery requirements.  Contact us today to see how we can help.