Research and Development


Hipex has converted a section of its manufacturing premises to a technical centre for R&D and customer product testing.  The entire facility is an excellent tool for greatly reducing product development time and cost, enabling the product to reach customers swiftly.  This is an ideal scenario eliminating any prospective disruption to normal production times.

The Hipex R&D facility is fully equipped for all product trials and pilot plant testing.  Only small product quantities are required to establish critical process information as the sophisticated data logging facilities rapidly collect and store results.

As well as the standard range of units and access to Hipex's full manufacturing capability, the facility houses: 

  • Three Mini UHT pasteurisers
  • Mixing and packaging equipment
  • Computerised data logging of test results
  • A wide range of pumps and homogenisers
  • Full-sized heat exchangers with supporting services
  • Services including a boiler and cooling water
  • All laboratory measuring equipment including tube and rotary viscometers  

During any testing, flow rates, pressure drops and temperatures are continuously recorded and processed in Hipex's data logger.  The data generated directly provides the designer with all of the information needed to either design a new production plant, or to ascertain if existing equipment can be re-configured to use for alternate purposes.