Double Tube


One of the most simple and maintenance-free forms of heat exchange equipment consists of two concentric tubes which form an inner central path, and a second annular path between the two tubes.  As in most Hipex heat exchangers, the two tubes can be corrugated to promote better heat transfer and reduce stresses.

The Double Tube heat exchanger can handle large or fibrous products without blocking and is ideal for steam heating.

Typical products suited to the Double Tube include:
  • Wine Must
  • Effluent water
  • Tomato salsa
  • Pet food
  • Vegetable soup 

Regen Applications

In the standard form the tubes are fully welded however the Double Tube is also available in a strippable version.  The inner tube can be removed from the outer jacket allowing visual inspection of all heat transfer surfaces.

The unit can therefore be used in regeneration applications with products on both sides of the heat exchanger.

Hipex manufacture the Double tube in many sizes and lengths.  Click here for some example sizes and data.  Contact Hipex for your custom designed Double Tube heat exchanger.